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SpotCity Opens Saturday September 13th 2008


2.00PM Opening

2.15PM Secret chiefs 3 (U.S.)

Eclectic band, members from Mr. Bungle and Faith No More. Mixes Persian and Indian music with experimental metal, film music and surf.

3.30PM Halvvägs till 2015 [Elin Wikström] (S)

Manuscript: Elin Wikström. Performance made by students from the dance, theater and music producer programmes at Angereds upper secondary school. Student group 1. See: Art in the city center

4.00PM G-T-B-R-G [literature collective] (S)

Autoexotistic arena disco and slapstick-like woes

5.00PM Halvvägs till 2015 [Elin Wikström]                                                                                Student group 2 from Angereds upper secondary school performs.

7:00 Saralunden (S) *

Sara Lunden, also known as Saralunden is a singer, musician and performance artist. Mixes influences from disco, hit songs, chanson, electronica. Educated at Royal University of Fine Arts, Stockholm. She often performs in specially made costumes.
* In some programmes there has been indicated that Pigs in the ground (U.S) and Keslie keffer will emerge. Unfortunately they had to cancel their Europe-tour, but in Saralunden we have found a worthy substitute.

Program in cooperation with Koloni, Musik i Väst & Gothenburg Municipal Library.

Art in the city center

Brunnen [Mandana Moghaddam] (US / IR)
A well in Brunnsparken that you can shout down into and get in touch with people in a public square in Iran. Another well is placed in Tehran and a link between the two wells is open 24 hours a day. Brunnen is made in cooperation with Iran Artist House in Tehran and Göteborg Konsthall. Brunnen is open 25.9-12.10.

Halvvägs till 2015 [Elin Wikström]
Based on a script written by Elin Wikstrom, four student groups from the dance, theater and music producer programmes in Angereds upper secondary school designed four different shows. Issues such as benefits and drawbacks of the UN Millennium Development Goals and the disputable funniness of »your mother is so poor"-jokes has been discussed when processing the performances. Can be seen live [scene 13.9 and 15.9] and as video documentation [exhibition space 22-23.9].

If you don't grow it you won't know it. If you do not grow it you will not know it. if you don't know it you won't grow it - archive on concealed knowledge and visible power [Åsa Sonjasdotter]
The artist Åsa Sonjasdotter has for several years worked on the potatoes. Around the Jonas Ahlströmmer-statue at the Lilla Bommen, she has been cultivating potato-varieties that she bred herself and which are not permitted to sell in the EU.
Presentation in the exhibition space 13.9-21.9. Welcome to the harvesting feast in Brunnsparken the 14.9 at 2.00PM

Konstkiosken [Tomas Ferm]
Kiosks, food stands and convenient stores are obvious elements of the city image. Imagine if exhibition spaces and libraries always existed in our immediate vicinity. What would happen and what part would the arts play? Konstkiosken is SpotCitys main building and on the back is an entrance to the annexe gäststugan which also serves as exhibition space.

Sea land [Thomas Wiczak] (DE)
In the piece Sea land, the German artist Thomas Wiczak covered an iso-container with pictures and stories about cats who have been locked in sealed containers and transported to remote locations.. The container also functions as video-showroom and has been placed in Brunnsparken by SpotCity.

Scene and lunch program weekdays at 12.30 in Brunnsparken

13.9 At 2.00-8.00 PM Opening of SpotCity. See separat programme.

14.9 2.00PM Skördefesten [Åsa Sonjasdotter] (SE)
Harvesting, cooking and tasting potatoes.

14.9 4.00PM-5.30PM Jasmina Maschina (AUS / DE)
Folkinspired pop-melodies and suggestive soundscapes.golden diskó ship [DE] Toy-instruments and computer-composed beats with dreamy vocals.

15.9 Halvvägs till 2015 [Elin Wikström]
Manuskript Elin Wikstrom. Performance designed by students from dance, theater and music producer programmes at Angereds upper secondary school. See: Art in the city center.

16.9 John Anyuru, poet and Dj Kihm.

17.9 Talk Box*

A discussion forum, structured as a Talk Show, but without TV cameras. Tomas Ferm receives guests.

Monomono. Poetry & sound art with Fredrik Nyberg and Lars Carlsson.

19.9 Talk Box

20.9 At 2.00PM Ukon & Njurmännen. The poet Ulf Karl Olov Nilsson with electroaukustic-psychopop.

20.9 At 4.00PM Street musician song contest

Town's greatest street musicians are selected. The audience vote. Advance booking:

22.9 God's clown [Martin Nurmi]

Satirical one-man-show.

23.9 Talk Box

24.9 Golden language battery

Poems by Kennet Klemets, beats and manipulations by Isak Eldh.

25.9 At 4.00PM Opening of Brunnen [mandana moghaddam] (SE/IR)

26.9 Talk Box Guest: Marianne Sörling, Innerstaden Göteborg AB.

27.9 Rhytm art duo. Daniel Berg and Fredrik Andersson, marimba and vibraphone.

29.9 Talk Box

30.9 Talk Box Guest: Lars Ivarsson, Stadsbyggnadsdirektör.

1.10 Kirsten Ketsjer (DK) Fri-form indierock. derived from the music-collective Yoyooyoy

3.10 Talk Box

4.10 At 2.00PM MAG Dystopic, lo-fi cacaphony with Magdalena Ågren from the Surplus People

4.10 At 3.00PM 6bpm

Makes the music speak when words are not enough.

5.10 At 2.00PM The SpotCity Prize 2008 awarded. Conclusion.

Artist Thomas Dahl makes an unannounced appearance during the period.

* Talk Box is a discussion forum, structured as a Talk Show, but without the TV cameras. Tomas Ferm receives guests and those who come by are welcome to participate.

Scene & lunch program in cooperation with Koloni, Musik i Väst & Gothenburg Municipal Library


13.9-17.9 Videoman [Fernando Llanos] (MX)
As »Videoman« Fernando Llanos goes around the city and projects his films on facades and other available surfaces in the urban space. The method is similar to the ones of advertising but the message is another.

18.9-23.9 Euroman, 2008 [Pål Hollender]
Homeless White German Man covered with a blue blanket dances and plays harmonica to a song that praises Jesus, written by an American Jew.

24.9-26.9 Ä.GA - Älvsborgsbron, Göta älvbron, Angeredsbron, 2008 [Meira Ahmemulic]
Gothenburg and Berlin tappeded from a watch tower and a former spy-station. He and her are trying to create a new city. The attempts fail. The city collapses. Parts of the language disappear.

27.9-30.9 Two Movies.

Staden jag bor i, 2008 [Björn Perborg]
A two-minute amazement over the yellow special- vehicles that maintain the tramtracks at night.
Second movie not announced yet.

1.10-5.10 Theme: Refugees & refugee smugglers.

Three films that bring some of the most important contemporary issues up for discussion.

Mobility is our aim! [Schleuser] (DE) is a lobby organization for business enterprises specializing in illegal immigration. Manuela Unverdorben, Laurentius Schmeier, Steve Homan and Farida Heuck operate the organization which has its office in Munich.

Phantom zone projector 2008 [Kalle Brolin]
Amir Heidari, who helped 200,000 refugees, interviewed in a Swedish prison. Three parts: personlig historia och filosofi; vägar in i Schengenländerna; vardagsliv i fängelset.

Genvägen [Rafael Deugenio]
Is about refugees who are smuggled in a container when the truck driver gets a heart attack. Information about the films and artists is available in Swedish at konstkiosken and

All seminars will be held in Swedish.

Spotcity seminars are held in the Palace house located in Brunnsparken. Free admissions. Advance booking is necessary.

16.9 The future role of culture in public space.

25.9 Art and sponsorship

2.10 How have SpotCity worked in a cultural-political perspective?

Street musician Song Contest

Town's greatest street musicians are selected. The competition is 20.9 at 4.00PM and is open to all who play in the streets and are over the age of 16 years. Advance booking: In cooperation with the artist Björn Perborg.


Gäststugan (the guest house) offers room for associations and organizations that have no room in the city. The invited guests are free to dispose the guest house for a couple of days, 24hours/a day. Ung vill ha bostad nu, Tidskriftsverkstan Väst and others involved.

The SpotCity Prize 2008

The prize draws attention to someone who in the last year developed the public space in Gothenburg in a decisive, innovative way. The prize is financed by postcard sales.

City walks in Brunnsparken

Shorter city walks arranged by the City Museum. Daily at 12.15PM