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What is Spot?

SpotCity is an art project that pushes the limits of what’s possible to do in public places.

The project create a place in the city centre of Gothenburgh for art, dialogue and debate, music and litterature.

SpotCity 2008 took place in Brunnsparken, Gothenburg, 13 September - 5 October.

There are plans for SpotCity 2009 and 2010.


SpotCity 2008 consists of:

•  Konst i City An exhibition in Brunnsparken. Five Scandinavian artists are invited to create works.

•  One scene and some temporary pavillons in Brunnsparken.


Plans for events in SpotCity; on the scene, in the buildings and in the surroundings.

•  Lunch program and evening entertainments such as music and sonic art, performance, experimental music, literature and poetry. The program is developed in cooperation with Christian Pallin Koloni/Musik i Väst, City Library of Gotenburgh, Levande musik.


• Gesthouse. Organisations in need of a place in the city are invited to stay in SpotCity for two days.

 • Video and film program.

 • Discussions. Tomas Ferm arrange Talk Box, a sort of talk show with guests.


Seminars debates and discussions on the internet are created especially for treating questions such as What kind of city do we want?, What is it really like living in this city? and In what manner can art influence developments in our environment?. These sites for discussion will be available right up until the opening of SpotCity

An analysis of SPOT is part of a research project concerning the developments of the inner cities of Gothenburgh and Stockholm.

SpotCity is continually recorded and evaluated.

SpotCity is sponsored by Stiftelsen Framtidens Kultur, Göteborgs Stad, Västra Götalands Kulturnämnd, Familjen Wikanders Stiftelse and Konstnärsnämnden Svenska Bildkonstnärsfonden, Göteborg & Co.

Tomas Ferm is the originator and director of SpotCity.