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Makode Linde, Anna-Kairn Rasmusson, Linda Tedsdotter, Andreas Nilsson, Tomas Ferm och Cheap Imitation will show new works in Art Hood  at GIBCA Extended, Mornington Hotel, konsthallen Bohusläns Museum in Uddevalla, Göteborg international filmfestival 2014, Supermarket 2014 and SpotCity Lounges 2014.

ArtHood is  developed as a new possiblity to show videoart in public space.   Art Hood is a SpotCity - projekt  by Tomas Ferm och Ann-Charlotte Rugfelt Ferm.

Show opening 8 sept  kl 13-18 at Stravaganza Mornington Hotel, Kungsportsavenyn, Göteborg

Show opening 12 okt at Konsthallen Bohusläns Museum

ArtHood is exhibited  5-15 september at Stravaganza Mornington Hotel
ArtHood is exhibited 12 - 20 oktober på Konsthallen Bohusläns Museum.

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