Éva Mag

Stnd Up Still     Kroppenglömmerinte1_MAG

Still from video work ”Stand up!” by  Éva Mag           Installation Kroppen glömmer inte by Éva Mag  Stadsbiblioteket 300 m2, SpotCity Updated 2015.    Nearby Röda Sten, SpotCity Updated 2015

Éva Mag (b.Csikszereda, Romania, 1979) graduated from the Royal Academy of Arts in Stockholm in May 2015. Éva Mag works with sculpture, installation and video with focus on the suffering body, the human and the sculptural. Éva Mag participates with three works in SpotCity Updated - video “Stand up!”, sculpture Original #9 at Stadsbiblioteket 300 m2 and the installation “Kroppen glömmer inte” (“The body does not forget”) outside nearby Röda Sten Konsthall.